E-Participation Policy

Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development welcomes and pays due attention to all your comments, opinions and queries, and we are keen to listen to your views and suggestions. We are committed to finding an appropriate mechanism for dialogue and interaction with stakeholders, the public, and website visitors. the Ministry reserves the right to follow up on certain opinions and responds at certain times, and not necessarily to all enquiries sent to it. The Ministry has the right to delete or modify any posts contrary to the provisions of the media policy for social networking sites. Important note: Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development is not responsible for any opinions that are contrary to norms and laws and has the right to remove posts that contain inflammatory or discriminatory language or that violate the laws of the United Arab Emirates.


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The Government of the UAE is interested in consulting the customers on various topics that concern them. In this section, government entities offer their consultations to collect as many opinions as possible. It will analyze and use them to make decision that interest the customers, thus, contributing to enhancing their satisfaction and happiness. Be a partner in decision-making on government services and policies in the UAE.

Current Consultations

Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development New Website Assessment Survey

The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development aims to enable the role of public to practice their role in e-participation and improve the level of its website. The Ministry launches this survey to find out the website visitors’ feedback about the design and electronic content, especially the homepage and to get visitors suggestions that will help the ministry in the process of continuous development of the site and e-services.

Expiry Date 31/12/2019

Promoting Reading Among Community Members

This poll is designed to take your opinion on how to enhance reading habits in society.

Expiry Date 31/12/2019