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Request for consulting visit to library

Through this service, the Ministry offers government and private entities, as well as UAE educational and academic institutions, the chance to obtain technical consultations about the libraries that they have membership in.

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    Knowledge Development Sector

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    Management of Literary Arts and Promotion of Reading

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    G2G & G2B

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  • Digital Transformation


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    • Government authorities, private institutions, UAE educational and academic institutions

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Create a new library


Develop an existing library

  • The requesting party will provide the ministry with all information required when they fill in the visit form, or when contacting the ministry for clarification.

  • The requesting party will facilitate the mission of the ministry's visiting advisory team through internal coordination and respecting punctuality.

  • A report must be provided to the requesting party, representing the advisory team's opinion based on their experience and knowledge, and the requesting party is free to apply some or all of the report's recommendations, without the ministry assuming any responsibility.


Log in to the e-Services portal or smartphone application.


Fill out the Request for Consulting Visit to Library application and attach the required documents.


The Ministry will review the request.


The Ministry will carry out the requesting party’s consultation.


The Ministry will issue a technical report to the requesting party, based on the current situation, development proposals and electronic work stages.

  • The requesting party’s authorised delegation, indicating the name of the authorised person to submit the application.

    Upload the letter of authorisation from the requesting party indicating the name of the person authorised to submit the application.

  • Copy of the authorised person’s Emirates ID.

    Upload a copy of the authorised person’s Emirates ID

  • Abu Dhabi Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Al Dhafra Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Ajman Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Umm Al Quwain Cultural Center

  • Ras Al Khaimah Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Fujairah Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Dibba Al Fujairah Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Masafi Culture Center